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  • Energy House, 35 Lombard Street, Lichfield, Staffordshire WS13 6DP

Workplace Mediation

Conflict between people is inevitable and it happens in every workplace. Sometimes disputes can escalate which leads to formal discipline or grievance cases. However, there is a way to resolve such issues amicably, fairly, confidentially and without a lot of time, cost, resources and lengthy formal procedures. Mediation is one of the business community’s best kept secrets as it is all about problem solving, talking through disagreements and resolving them to everyone’s satisfaction. With the help of our skilled Mediator, parties involved in the dispute work together to find out what is really going on and most of the time, come up with a solution to the problem themselves.

Here are six reasons to try mediation:

  • Mediation is fair and neutral. Parties have an equal say in the process and it is they, not the mediator who decide the terms of any agreement. There is no determination of guilt or innocence in the process.
  • Mediation saves time and money. Mediation generally occurs early in a dispute, and is usually completed in one meeting. With the average disciplinary or grievance costing £20k, mediation fees are considerably less and avoids the uncertainty of an employment tribunal.
  • Mediation is confidential. All parties sign a confidentiality agreement and information disclosed during mediation will not be revealed to anyone, including the employer unless agreed by all parties.
  • Mediation fosters cooperation and communication. Mediation provides a confidential setting where parties can openly discuss their views whilst promoting a problem-solving approach to complaints. With formal investigations, even if issues are dismissed, underlying problems may remain, affecting others in the workforce.
  • Mediation helps to discover the real issues in the workplace. Parties share information, which can lead to a better understanding of issues affecting them in the workplace.
  • With mediation, everyone usually wins. Independent surveys show that mediation is between 80-90% successful and over 90% of all respondents (including the commissioning organisation) would use mediation again.
  • The Listening Centre has an excellent reputation for professional integrity and a high standing with local employees and employers. We have an extensive and unique body of practical experience delivering workplace mediation and are quality assured through a programme of customer satisfaction research.