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  • Phone 01543 300068
  • Energy House, 35 Lombard Street, Lichfield, Staffordshire WS13 6DP

Darren Woodhouse

I went off sick from work after being diagnosed with anxiety and depression by my GP. This was triggered by a number of significant life events happening in a short period of time, I’d reached a point at work close to burnout. I was referred to The Listening Centre by my employer, the speed of the referral was excellent and handled sympathetically, courteously and professionally from the first phone call. My first appointment took place 2 days later with a counsellor within 5 miles of my home.

I found my counsellor to be a good listener who understood how things were for me, I always felt I could trust her and felt ‘safe’ and didn’t feel at any time that I was being judged. The counselling definitely impacted my return to work and the part time hours during therapy helped me to return full time to the job I was previously doing.

This is an invaluable service for people who were in the position I found myself in. Without this therapy I would have struggled to recover in the time I did so this ‘investment’ definitely gives a good return. I found The Listening Centre provided a swift, professional and sympathetic support which was greatly appreciated.