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What our Customers are saying about us

Anica Goodwin, Assistant Chief Executive, Tamworth Borough Council.

In my role as Director at Tamworth Borough Council I have had the pleasure of working alongside The Listening Centre since 2007 who were initially brought in to support individuals with personal / work based issues but over the years that relationship has developed into one that now actually supports our overall business development.

The Listening Centre provides our staff with a confidential counselling service to cover both work and personal related issues. They also support the authority with additional services including mediation, critical incident debriefing and training for all levels of staff.

The Listening Centre is exceptional in terms of their overall work ethic including reliability, confidentiality and professionalism whilst at the same time providing the authority with good value for money. Results speak for themselves. With the help of The Listening Centre our attendance rates have increased and our employee attitude surveys are showing that staff are happier in their roles and feel they have somewhere to go if they need help. That to me is worth shouting about.