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Staff Counselling Service

Being in good shape mentally as well as physically is vital to a healthy, productive and happy workforce.

Businesses are continuously facing an ever-increasing rate of change in the workplace and almost on a daily basis, we read about the negative impact that stress and other problematic issues can have on business development and growth. Stress both at home and at work is increasing.

Managing this process is about strategy and tactics. It is also about the way people - your employees - respond to, and cope with change. Understanding and capturing the complexity of inter-personal relationships and individual strengths and needs within the workplace in order that your business can achieve is our primary objectives.

In 2002 we launched our Occupational Counselling Service with two specific aims;

  1. To offer support tools enabling employers to optimise staff performance, particularly when circumstances (workplace or personal) are less than ideal and
  2. To provide individuals with access to an independent, flexible and professional Counselling Service focussing on personal & professional issues, challenges, managing change and work-life balance.

Our unrivalled Occupational Counselling Service is specially designed to give you the highest calibre trained professionals and peace of mind. We've hand-picked our team to create a group of practitioners who are all experts in their field located throughout Staffordshire, West Midlands and Shropshire. So no matter what you're concerned about, there'll be someone with the right experience and training to help you and if not – we will have the resources to signpost you to the most appropriate intervention available.

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