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Improving employee satisfaction and performance  ~ Preserving personal health and well-being  ~ Enabling work-life balance. These are our passions.

We help organisations support their most valuable assets - their people. We deliver employee support services to thousands of employees in both public and private sector organisations making their lives easier, healthier and more productive. These work-life improvements translate into more efficient workplaces, more engaged employees and increased company loyalty. And with over 10 years as a leading regional services provider, we have experience at our disposal without the need to sign up to an all-inclusive and expensive Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).

Personal issues can have a major impact on your employee’s work, which can result in absence or distraction. This all adds up to a cost to your business, not just in hours lost, but in loss of productivity or engagement.

We deliver proactive services that helps your employees and managers with day-to-day issues, from workplace counselling and mediation right through to crisis management in emergency situations. With a hand-picked team of professionals located throughout the West Midlands, Staffordshire and Shropshire, The Listening Centre is a locally based valuable, practical resource for your people, ensuring a positive impact on your business. Your managers and supervisory staff will equally benefit, as their time will be freed up from dealing with these issues.

Our expertise also supports businesses going through major change. When internal upheaval affects people, the negative impact on productivity can be harmful. We have worked closely with our customers to minimise disruption and employee anxieties.

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