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Many companies don’t employ a full time Personnel Professional, but at the same time require certain ‘HR’ functions to be carried out. Often this is added onto an existing employee’s role or down to department managers. Whilst for most of the time this set up works, there may be times when specialist advice and guidance is essential.

We work closely with private companies, public corporations, large and small businesses to bridge gaps in their HR needs. We do this by working with organisations to develop practical, easy to follow strategies, at affordable rates. We offer a range of services tailored to differing levels of client needs and circumstances.

Get a FREE half day diagnostic business review

We will work flexibly, based around your needs. If you want the review to focus on a particular area within your business, we are happy to do this. Examples are:

  • Formalising/updating Recruitment Policies & Procedures
  • Implementing an Induction Programme
  • Reviewing Discipline of employees & refreshing Management on correct Procedures
  • Handling Grievances
  • Management of Staff Training and Development Programmes
  • How to establish Apprentice Programmes
  • Designing and implementing Staff performance reviews
  • Industrial Relations
  • Handling Dismissals appropriately
  • Redundancy Exercises
  • Identify Key areas for development

Following our initial visit, we will present you with a report, outlining the scope of the proposed work and relevant timescale and costs involved. We will always stay focused on your needs & be flexible, resourceful & realistic. We have access to a range of practical methods to enable you to make the lasting & beneficial changes you want.

There is absolutely no obligation or pressure. Plus, with our in-depth knowledge of Business Link, we can help you investigate possible sources of funding towards the cost of any subsequent work.

Please contact us for further details.